What Are The Latest Web Development Technologies?

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What are the latest web development technologies?

The world of web development is always changing, and 2018 is no exception. New frameworks, libraries, and tools are coming out all the time that can help you build better websites faster. It can be tough to keep track of them all, but if you’re eager for the latest developments in the world of front-end development, here are some of the most interesting new technologies we expect to see more of in 2018.

JavaScript Frameworks

With the rapid growth of web development, it’s no surprise that new frameworks are coming out all the time. Some frameworks are popular for a short time, but others are more stable and will stick around for a while. We’ve selected six frameworks that we expect to be more popular in 2018. Each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to study each one carefully. With that being said, there are lots of other great ones out there, and your needs may vary.

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HTML5 and CSS3

Forget everything you know about the “web.” HTML5 and CSS3 are still the top two tools you’ll need to build modern web pages. These two technologies will continue to get better every year, and with new frameworks and libraries like CSSinJS and CSS Custom Properties, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Progressive Web Apps

A lot of people are experimenting with “progressive web apps” these days, but they’re not quite at the level of popularity yet where you really need to know about them. We expect them to become more mainstream in 2018, though. A progressive web app is a website that behaves like an app on your phone. This includes things like an app-like icon that users can click to open the app, a user interface that looks more like a computer than a phone, and the ability to open the app in multiple places at once

Server-side Development

Server-side development has become more popular as developers have found ways to reduce the cost of building dynamic websites. There are a number of server-side frameworks out there, but we expect more attention to be given to Python and Node.js in 2018.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are the hottest new development in web technology. Luckily, they’re also among the easiest to build with the right tools and frameworks. In 2018, we’re looking forward to the continued growth of tools like WebVR and ARCore.

Data Visualization and APIs

Data visualization and API access are also really hot topics this year. APIs are all the rage as developers look for better ways to create software. There’s so much happening in the visualization space, so we’ll only hit the high points.


With all these exciting new technologies, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve provided a quick summary at the end of this article. We also recommend checking out each technology’s Wikipedia page to learn more. Now that you know what’s coming, it’s time to get excited and start learning more about these technologies. You’ll be amazed at what you can build with these new tools!

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