Unveiling 10 Distinctive Features of PM Vishwakarma Yojana

Skill Development Training

Traditional artisans and craftspeople receive training in essential areas like design, production, marketing, and management.

Financial Assistance

Support is provided to traditional artisans and craftspeople for initiating or expanding their businesses.

Market Access

Assistance is extended to help these artisans and craftspeople explore new markets for their products.

Product and Design Development

The program encourages traditional artisans and craftspeople to create innovative products and designs.

Promotion of Traditional Crafts

Initiatives such as exhibitions, fairs, and online platforms are utilized to promote traditional handicrafts and crafts products.

Technology Adoption

Encouraging the adoption of modern technology and techniques to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Quality Control Measures

Implementing quality control mechanisms to ensure that traditional crafts meet international standards, enhancing their competitiveness in global markets.

Online Marketplaces

Facilitating the participation of artisans in online marketplaces, enabling them to reach a broader customer base.

Training of Trainers

Building a cadre of skilled trainers to ensure the continuity of skill development programs.

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