Sonic Dash – Endless Running 7.0.0 Mod Apk (Unlimited Everthing)

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Sonic Dash – Endless Running Apk Mod is an action-packed Android game that takes players on a thrilling and high-speed adventure with the beloved blue hedgehog, Sonic. In this endless runner, players are tasked with guiding Sonic through a series of beautifully designed environments, collecting rings, and avoiding obstacles along the way.

The game features intuitive controls that allow players to dash, jump, and spin their way to victory. With simple swipe gestures, players can navigate Sonic through challenging terrains, perform acrobatic moves, and unleash powerful attacks on enemies.

Visually, Sonic Dash – Endless Running impresses with its vibrant and detailed graphics. Each level is filled with eye-catching elements, from lush forests and bustling cities to futuristic landscapes and iconic Sonic landmarks. The smooth animations and dynamic camera angles further enhance the immersive experience.

Endless Running: Join Sonic on an Epic Speed Adventure

Experience the thrill of speed and endless running in Sonic Dash, an exhilarating Android game that puts you in control of the iconic blue hedgehog. Dash, jump, and spin through stunning environments as you race against time and collect rings in this action-packed endless runner.

Run with Sonic Unleash Sonic’s Lightning-fast Speed

In Sonic Dash, you have the opportunity to run alongside Sonic himself. Feel the rush as you harness his incredible speed, dashing through vibrant landscapes inspired by the classic Sonic games. Navigate obstacles, defeat enemies, and prove your reflexes as you strive for a high score.

Endless Running Adventure Test Your Skills in Non-stop Action

Embark on an endless running adventure in Sonic Dash, where the fun never stops. The game features an endless level design, ensuring that you’re always in for a fast-paced and exciting experience. Dodge obstacles, perform acrobatic stunts, and see how far you can go in this high-speed challenge.

Play as Iconic Characters Unlock Sonic’s Friends and Allies

Sonic Dash offers the opportunity to play as more than just Sonic himself. Unlock and play as Sonic’s friends and allies, including Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Switch between characters and discover their special powers as you race through the game’s various stages.

Exciting Power-ups and Upgrades Boost Your Speed and Abilities

Boost your running performance with exciting power-ups and upgrades in Sonic Dash. Collect rings to unlock and activate power-ups like the Super Dash, Magnet, and Shield, which enhance your speed and provide protection. Use the rings you collect to upgrade your characters, increasing their abilities and unlocking even more exciting features.

Unleash Special Moves: Perform Signature Attacks for Maximum Impact

Unleash Sonic’s signature moves in Sonic Dash and watch as the screen explodes with action. Perform the Spin Attack, Homing Attack, and other powerful moves to defeat enemies, break barriers, and gain an edge in the race. Master these special moves to become a true Sonic Dash champion.

Challenging Boss Battles Face Off Against Iconic Sonic Villains

Prepare for epic boss battles in Sonic Dash as you face off against iconic villains from the Sonic universe. Take on the likes of Dr. Eggman and other formidable foes in intense showdowns that test your skills and reflexes. Defeat them to earn valuable rewards and unlock new content.

Explore Stunning Environments: Race through Sonic’s Colorful World

Immerse yourself in Sonic’s vibrant and colorful world as you race through stunning environments in Sonic Dash. From lush green hills to bustling cityscapes, each level is beautifully designed and filled with intricate details. Enjoy the eye-catching visuals as you speed through the game’s diverse landscapes.

Challenge Friends in Multiplayer Mode Compete for High Scores

Compete against friends and players from around the world in Sonic Dash’s thrilling multiplayer mode. Show off your speed and agility as you race to the top of the leaderboard. Compare your scores, challenge others, and strive to become the ultimate Sonic Dash champion.

Exciting Missions and Achievements Earn Rewards for Your Accomplishments

Complete challenging missions and unlock achievements in Sonic Dash to earn valuable rewards and bonuses. These objectives add an extra layer of excitement and provide additional goals to strive for as you progress through the game. Test your skills, collect achievements, and reap the rewards of your accomplishments.

Daily Challenges and Events Stay Engaged with Fresh Content

Sonic Dash keeps the excitement going with daily challenges and special events. Take on new objectives and earn exclusive rewards as you participate in time-limited events. These events introduce unique gameplay elements and offer a chance to unlock rare characters, costumes, and power-ups. Stay engaged and keep coming back for more thrilling surprises!

Customize Your Characters Style Sonic and His Friends

Put your personal touch on Sonic and his friends by customizing their appearance in Sonic Dash. Unlock and collect a variety of costumes, accessories, and cool outfits to dress up your favorite characters. From classic looks to quirky and modern styles, let your creativity shine and make each character truly your own.

Compete in Global Tournaments Prove Your Skills Worldwide

Join global tournaments in Sonic Dash and compete against players from all corners of the globe. Test your speed, agility, and endurance as you strive for a top spot on the international leaderboard. Show the world your Sonic prowess and become a legend among the global Sonic Dash community.

Unlock Special Zones Discover Hidden Secrets

Venture into special zones in Sonic Dash and uncover hidden secrets and surprises. These unique areas offer new gameplay mechanics, challenging obstacles, and rare rewards. Explore these special zones to expand your Sonic Dash experience and uncover the game’s well-kept secrets.

Social Integration Connect with Friends and Share Your Achievements

Stay connected with friends and share your Sonic Dash achievements through social integration. Link the game to your social media accounts to see your friends’ progress, challenge them to beat your high scores, and share your most epic moments. Celebrate your victories together and build a community of Sonic Dash enthusiasts.


Sonic Dash – Endless Running is a must-play Android game for fans of the iconic blue hedgehog and those seeking a thrilling and fast-paced running experience. With its engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and a wide range of features, the game offers endless hours of excitement and entertainment. Join Sonic and his friends on an epic speed adventure as you dash through beautifully designed environments, collecting rings, and dodging obstacles. The ability to play as different characters adds variety and a sense of progression to the gameplay, while the customization options allow you to personalize your favorite characters with unique outfits.

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