Sand Balls – Puzzle Game Apk Mod is an Android puzzle game from SayGames game studio, which is offered for free on Google Market. The way to play the game is very simple. Just use your finger to create a path for the colored balls through the sand and try not to hit the obstacles. In the middle of the road, there are white balls that you have to open the path of the colored balls towards them so that you can collect more balls. Finally, you have to put the collected balls into the truck and enter the next stage. You will get to know the environment and how to play Sand Balls in a few seconds. The game has an exciting and catchy sound and also has a beautiful graphic environment that will entertain you for hours.
A game that requires players to be accurate and skillful at every stage. Sand Balls – Puzzle Game is a very new game with a sand ball design, especially this game has many missions and goals that players can enjoy. The balls come in various vibrant colors and are great for relaxing and spending time. Although it has colorful and detailed graphics, the application is extremely light and takes up little space on the device.

Features of Sand Balls Puzzle Game Mod Apk

Suitable games for everyone

This is a game with a simple gameplay suitable for all audiences. The player’s task is just to use his hands to control the balls to move left, right and form a path. The balls follow your instructions, try to get the balls to the destination. The game looks simple, but actually, it requires the player to make smart moves. If the ball reaches a dead end, the player loses the chance to win.

Balls of different colors

Collect balls of different shapes and colors. One thing for you is that in many of those balls there will be balls with unique skills. Sand Balls brings 2D graphics with lots of eye-catching colors along with very vivid sounds when the balls collide, which adds to the fun and appeal of the game.

Sand Balls has more than 300 different levels and the later the game becomes more difficult. Load the balls into the available trucks and avoid obstacles on the way. These trucks transport your balls to new islands. Players must calculate each move carefully to conquer all levels.

Unlock new island

In addition to playing the game of rolling the ball in the right place, players can use their rewards to buy new equipment and equipment to repair and improve the infrastructure of the beautiful islands. Very. Each island in the game has a unique color, players can both play and immerse themselves in very beautiful natural scenes. Collect golden keys to unlock gift boxes with many unexpected prizes.

What is Sand Balls MOD APK?

You can utilize a variety of vehicles to gather the balls in this game, but you’ll need to earn coins to buy them all. However, we changed the original Sand Balls game to remove these limitations. Sand balls Mod APK is the name of the modified version of this game. In this altered version, you will have access to an infinite supply of money, which you may use to purchase any of your preferred cars. Later, you can use these balls to construct an entire city.


Is it free to play Sand Ball?

Yes, playing and downloading the Sand Ball game are completely free.

Is the game Sand Ball an offline one?

No, you don’t need an internet connection to play this game.

Last Words

Sand Balls is a puzzle and arcade game featuring physics-based gameplay. Your goal will be to bring as many balls as you can to the finish line at each level. This will be difficult because each level requires you to create your own path and use your finger to create tunnels and passages. Additionally, one mistake could cost you a large portion of the balls, so the entire area is packed with hazards. The main benefit of the Sand Balls mod apk is that in order to progress through the stages, you will need to use both skill and your head to pave the best route.

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