DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D 4.111.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Everthing)

DEAD TARGET: Zombie APK MOD takes place in 2040 World War III and the world map undergoes extensive changes. The Secretary of Defense signs a contract with the CS Corporation, according to which the prisoners will be transformed into vicious killers. But in the meantime, the CS company has betrayed and threatened the president that if he does not fulfill their demands, he will release zombies in different areas and this era of destruction will come.

Some Features DEAD TARGET ZOMBIE Android Game:

  • Unique graphics and very high details
  • Excellent 3D designs of characters, weapons, cars, explosions, etc.
  • Super attractive, smooth and very fun gameplay
  • There are different types of zombies
  • The presence of big, scary and very deadly bosses
  • Ability to buy weapons, ammunition and war equipment
  • The ability to upgrade weapons several steps
  • The ability to carry and use two weapons in each stage
  • It has an interesting and exciting story line
  • Excellent voice acting
  • The existence of different places and missions in the city
  • Ability to earn more points and money by headshot and critical hit

Dead Target Mod Apk

DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE is one of the most interesting and exciting mobile games made by VNG Game Studios in Vietnam and released for free (with in-app payment). In the genre of games related to zombies , there is usually no special story content. But in the game DEAD TARGET: ZOMBIE we are accompanied by a beautiful and persuasive story line. The story of the game is very interesting and has given this game an exclusive identity.


1. On an Android smartphone, how can you download the Dead Target Mod APK?

By using the download link provided on this page, you can download Dead Target for your Android smartphone. You can then install the program by opening the APK file in the file manager area.

2. Why isn’t the Dead Target Mod available on the Play Store, you ask?

The play store never makes mod games and applications available for a good reason. Dead Target Mod APK is not available on Google Play Store because it does not offer versions of any program or game that have been modified to include cheats or hacks.

Last Words

Dead Target – the games made in the field of zombies have amazing statistics. Hundreds and probably thousands of different titles with zombie themes have been seen so far on game consoles and different operating systems. All this attention of people to zombies shows their interest in excitement. Killing zombies probably appeals to everyone, and the discussion of mercy and compassion in this case becomes practically meaningless! Because zombies cannot be controlled in any way and the only way to stop them is to destroy them. Although many games have been released in different styles in this field, there are only a few that can be considered the best. 



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